Animation Career

A career in animation takes simple interests such as a knack for drawing, or an interest in creating characters, and expands upon it in a variety of different growing fields. There are several different forms of animation, which include animation for film, television, video games and web media. Before pursuing any of these specified fields, it is important to know that an animator needs to possess not only artistic ability, but also technical skills, an ability to work with a team and a firm grasp of the art of storytelling. If all of these things apply to you, a career in animation may be a viable choice.

In order to pursue a career in animation, one needs to obtain both education and experience. Degrees in animation are available through many different means, which include community colleges, vocational schools, major undergraduate universities and graduate programs. Obtaining this education is necessary, because familiarity with industry technology is the first way to get your foot in the door. Once a basic grasp of animation technology is procured, you must decide what aspect of animation you would like to be a part of. Animation positions vary from storyboard artists, who are responsible for framing the general path that a particular scene will take, to character animators, who are involved in all of the aspects of bringing characters to life. Though this is a tough decision, once you decide on the specific avenue that you want to explore for your animation, you can then develop a portfolio and resume that makes you competitive in the field.

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