The Advantages of Networking: A Working Definition of Networking

Are you concerned about securing your next job?  You should consider the advantages of networking.

Looking for a job can be a very daunting task. Most times it means working hard to get the experience and credentials that will help to get the dream position that is so sought after. However, the truth is it takes more than great credentials and flawless resumes to get the job that you want.

Sometimes, getting the job you want involves reciprocal relationships, as in professional networks to get excellent job opportunities. By networking, applicants have a heightened chance of vying for jobs that might not otherwise have been available to them.

There are many advantages of networking. Networking is particularly helpful in getting into fields where new applicants would otherwise be unable to easily get a start. While these jobs are never listed or mentioned on job boards or in the newspapers, the job openings are filled - just through different channels. In some cases the vacant positions may be filled due to networking. Other times, they could be filled from within the company.

A Definition of Networking: Networking is all about building and establishing professional relationships - and there are many advantages of networking.

Being part of a networking group means that you work and or mingle with a variety of people over a period of time. This isn't something that takes place overnight. It often entails months and even years of building these relationships. You build credibility that can be verified by the very people making up that network. This will also allow you to verify the credibility of the people that you meet. This is one of the advantages of networking. In maintaining healthy professional relationships with these people, you may easily be considered for job openings that are not public knowledge. So when the time that you are in need for a new job comes, these are the people that are most likely to help you. Its always better to network when you aren't looking for a job as opposed to starting it once you are in need for a job.

Being part of a network takes time.

Before you enjoy the gains of getting exclusive tips about meeting the right people and knowing the people who might help land you a job interview, you have to prove your worth first. The circle of people that are involved in a business network can be found in a variety of places such as previous or current co-workers, neighbors, church or social groups, friends, family, bookstores, libraries and more. The list is endless. It is the professional relationship that you have with other business people that puts you in the right place to learn of open positions.

One tip that will help you in professional networking: You should always keep your contact information current with the business people you know - and - you should always have current information for each of your contacts. It is no easy task to keep track of everyone in a professional group, so this will take special attention on your part. It helps to make occasional phone calls or send greetings from time to time via post or e-mail. It is also essential that you attend any local meetings, gatherings and events.

As relationships are built, your personal and professional network will grow.

The more people you know, they more they know and vice versa. So somewhere down the line you will know someone who will know someone else that that needs help. This is the way reciprocal relationships work. The goal of networking is to know as many people as you can because you never know when a contact will come in handy.

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