Resume Action Keywords


Resume Action Keywords are power packed verbs that draw the attention of a prospective employer immediately. They enhance resumes and cover letters and transform mundane writing to energetic marketing masterpieces.

All you need to do is substitute the Resume Action Keywords for the less-than-exciting words in your resume.

For instance: Katherine's cover letter lacked excitement and zeal. She stated the tasks she performed on her past jobs, but didn't make her contributions truly stand out.

Her first draft: "Watched over front office staff, handled phone calls from upset customers, worked on a new billing procedure, entered information in customer accounts on the computer, made work schedule and sent out mailers."

Revised with ACTION VERBS from the Resume Keywords list: "Supervised front office staff, facilitated the resolution of customer inquires and concerns, created a streamlined billing procedure that reduced workflow by 20%, maintained customer accounts database in MS Excel, prepared work schedule for a 10 member employee team and distributed direct mail campaign materials."

It should be obvious that the second version is much more powerful and well-defined. Katherine's job responsibilities appear to be (and really are) more significant when explained with words that inject enthusiasm, confidence and vitality.

How can your resume and cover letter
be enhanced with these powerful Action Keywords?

Go through your personal marketing materials, one section at a time, and substitute words from the Keyword list for words in your cover letter and resume. Transforming any piece of writing from mediocre to phenomenal takes time, but the benefits are beyond value.

If you want to get an excellent job, you must ensure your resume and cover letter are of the highest quality. Inject enthusiasm whenever you can. Boost your materials with those powerful action verbs so that your next employer will see just how excited you are about what you do.

By using these awesome keywords, you can take a boring resume and turn in into a power-packed marketing piece that cannot be ignored.

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