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Professional Resume Express, Issue #004 -- Resume Tips For Tough Economic Times
October 30, 2008

In tough economic times, whether you think it directly affects you or not, you have to be proactive regarding the job search. This means you simply must protect what you have and plan for the future.

If you already have a resume and are looking to give it an additional boost, review the ideas below and focus on those that are appropriate for your situation.

Making your resume as impressive as possible is vital for success in the job-search process, especially now that our economy is in such an awful state.

In light of having said this, here are some specific ways to write a winning resume - or - revise an older version.

Resume Tips for Tough Economic Times

Market yourself with your objective statement. The successful use of an objective statement targets each position you are seeking, while subtly selling specific skills in a way that benefits the employer. Define some of your finest qualities and present them as a means for the company to achieve greater results. This is not a statement about "What I want from the company." It's a statement about "What I have and how it will assist the organization for which I work."

Target the employer. Everything in your resume should be directed toward one goal: Getting a specific job at a particular company. No two resumes should be alike. Each one of your resumes should be uniquely targeted to an audience of ONE.

Define yourself in terms of skills and accomplishments. Your resume has to show the employer what you can do and what you have achieved in the past. Prove to the employer that you are a problem solver, take initiative, and find ways to make the company money (or save them money). When you do this, you will do much better job of making a good impression than someone who simply states their employment history.

Use action verbs to boost your resume's appeal. If you want a prospective employer to take notice of your resume, you will need to use words that jump off the paper. Words like "coordinated" and "directed" go much farther than "scheduled" or "oversaw". Get the attention you deserve by presenting your skills and accomplishments in an appealing way.

Your best defense against competitors for the jobs you seek is to have an outstanding resume. Most of our country is in an economic crisis - and if it hasn't hit your area yet - it will. You have to look for ways to enhance your resume to make it more meaningful to prospective employers. There will be more competitors for every job on the market now. If you want to succeed, you have to do everything better than they are.

~Carla Vaughan

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