How Long Should The Cover Letter Be

Applying for a job can be tedious. Not only do jobs require resumes but some even requires cover letters. So how long should a cover letter be? Generally, a cover letter should not exceed one page. A cover letter should not be a long essay because that can bore the employer. Making a cover letter in one page shows the employer that the applicant can organize their thoughts concisely. It also shows that the applicant respects the employer’s time. A cover letter should be brief but at the same time be very specific and clear. The cover letter should contain no more than four paragraphs and with no more than 3 or 4 sentences in each paragraph. After the cover letter has been completed, it is vital to read it through and make edits. If the cover letter is over one page, a good tip is to eliminate any repetitive information. In addition, one should eliminate any extra words because it is essential to get directly to the point. This is important because one needs to be able to grab the employer’s attention without boring them.

In some occasions, two-page cover letters are acceptable. This is only acceptable if one is applying for a job position where it requires very specific and technical qualifications or the person has extensive work experience in the field he/she is applying to. But keep in mind that two-page cover letters are not the norm. They are typically used in special circumstances.

The most important tip one needs to remember is that less is more when it comes to cover letters. You want to be able to provide the relevant information as concisely as possible.

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