6 Of The Best Buzz Words To Use In Your Linkedin Profile

With all of the activity and competition on LinkedIn - it is helpful to identify the words which will make you stand out.  

Your Linkedin profile presents an outstanding opportunity for you to market yourself to potential employers and business contacts.

First, in the headline, you want to use words that make yourself sound like you make things happen. A word you should consider using is results-oriented. Remember, if you are results-oriented, you often have data to back up your success. So instead of saying you grew a Twitter account, you can say you grew a Twitter account from 100 followers to 20,000 followers. Results-oriented only shows you are about finishing the task, and by highlighting this trait about yourself, if you can back it up with actual successes - you will command interest.

A second buzz word to add is expert. In today's world - there are a ton of people with experience on certain things, but there aren't many experts. If you are truly at the top in your industry, have the confidence to classify yourself as an expert. If you have links to back it up, such as articles you have written, times you were quotes in the media, or stories written about you - provide them. There is no real replacement for an expert in an industry with other industry sources backing that up. So if you are an expert, promote yourself as such, if you'd like to be an expert, focus on doing one thing, and doing it great.

A third word is social. Last decade, the key buzz word on the web was search. As users navigate the web through search engines, and online advertisers sold products through search ads, the web economy flourished. Anyone with search expertise was in Demand as companies looked to optimize their search engine rankings as well as their pay per click campaigns. Today, the web is ecstatic about social. Led by Facebook, internet users are starting to navigate the web in a different way, bypassing Google all together and getting their information from the social and shared web. In your LinkedIn profile, you certainly should mention social, and highlight examples of your social experience. The more you bake this word into your resume in a logical and relevant way - the better off you will be in terms of driving interested from your Linkedin profile.

Creative is one of the most overused words on LinkedIn. With this being the case, what word should you use in replace of creative? Try using imagination. It is important to stand out, and while employers do what someone who is creative, they also would probably want that creative person to demonstrate how they are unique. By discussing your imagination and how it has helped you succeed in the past, I think you will be showing others that you are creative in a way that is more interesting and enticing.

Team player is something that is crucial to succeed in the corporate world. It is helpful to demonstrate this on your LinkedIn profile as it shows you are humble and willing to work with others to get something done. However, being a team player is very over used as it is used all throughout grade school. To illustrate your passion for solving problems with others, use the word interactive. In today's web - more and more things are going social and interactive. When a website, is more interactive, its users are communicating with each other. So, by you highlighting that you enjoy interactive with others, you will show you are a team player while also illustrating that you could be value able to the company, if they hope to make their business more interactive in some way, shape, or form.

A 6th and final buzz word to consider using is new. To many LinkedIn profiles are stale, mentioning similar experiences and accomplishments that others have mentioned. It is important to talk about how you are different, and what you started. The word new doesn't show up on many profiles but it should as it piques the readers interest because what comes after new is often something unique and special. It also shows you are an initiator. So, for example, instead of saying that you improved an existing marketing plan, you can say that you created an entirely new marketing plan which was focused on increased interactivity between on and offline users.

The key is not to force it on your LinkedIn profile. Speak naturally and confidently without trying to stuff in big words that some people may not understand. At the same time, if you can mix in some of these 6 buzz words in a clean and efficient way - you should consider doing.


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