5 Year Career Plan Example

Goal setting is one of the most useful tools for career advancement; a five year career plan is one way to engage in this type of goal setting.  

A seemingly straightforward task of making a five year plan can be difficult. Visualizing where you would like your life to be in the future is never easy. One must ask themselves, “What would they like to achieve in their career? Where they want to be financially? How these goals can become a reality?” It is important to set goals that are challenging, but also achievable. Setting time frames for each step towards reaching your goals is also a very effective strategy. To get a better understanding of a five year career plan, look at this example.

My Five Year Career Plan - Steve Stevens

Plan Period: April 2011 to April 2016

Current Position: Sales Representative

Long Term Goal: Sales Manager

Goals by Year:

Year one: Increase sales by 3-5%
Year two: Increase sales by 5% or more
Year three: Become the companies top salesman
Year four: Maintain sales title and show consistency
Year five: Become Sales Manager

You should also bake in goals and a plan to boost your personal development. For example:

1. Improve my sales skills

Step 1: Increase product knowledge by reading product material 3 nights a week
Step 2: Improve customer relations by improving my public speaking skills
Step 3: Become a more aggressive salesperson

2. Improve my relationship with Higher Ups

Step 1: Display a positive work ethic and morale when asked to do tasks
Step 2: Develop and share strategies to improve problems in the office
Step 3: Develop better rapport with boss through small talk


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