5 Signs That A Job Interview Went Well

After preparing and reading everything there is to know about the company, you’ve finally had that job interview.  So how do you know if it went well? These signs are not absolute because every company handles interviews differently, but here are some indicators that your chances are good:

1. The interviewer gives you a set date that you will hear back.

This doesn’t need to be an exact time, but vague answers are not a good sign. If the interview ended with a “you’ll hear back from me,” then chances are that there are a lot of other candidates to be interviewed and you didn’t stick out. Although, saying that you will hear back by Monday morning is not necessarily a good answer either. They may have made a sure decision that they don’t want to hire you. Interviewers are especially interested in a person though when they ask about the candidate’s timeline. Asking when you are available to start and if you need to know by a certain time is good because it shows they are worried about another company snatching you up before they can.

2. The interview is longer than expected.

When interviewers know that the applicant is not right for the job, they have no reason to draw out the meeting. It’s a good sign if you make a connection with the employer and they just can’t stop talking to you. Don’t continue talking just to reach the time limit though because the opposite is not necessarily bad. There are plenty of times when an employer knows immediately that a candidate is right for the job, in which case the interview could even run short.

3. You are introduced to other members of the staff.

They don’t want to waste their own time or the time of the other staff members if they are not seriously considering a person. After the interview, if they spend more time showing you around the office or introducing you to people, then they are probably serious about you.

4. You get past the job description.

It’s never a good idea to delve too deeply into details of your personal life, but the best indication of a good interview is if they got to like you on a personal level. Personality is more important than qualifications for edging out those last couple of candidates. An interview that ends up going past the details of the job and your qualifications will make you stand out to the interviewer.

5. They try to sell the company to you.

Every interviewer is going to speak highly of the company he or she represents. It is also standard to have a time for the candidate to ask questions at the end. Someone who takes a lot of time to answer your questions and makes sure you leave happy though is trying to sell you on the position. They will not waste a lot of time talking about the company if they are not interested in you.


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