5 Great Things About Internships

The number of job openings has been relatively low for the past few years. You can explore your options and build your resume by doing an internship instead of a job. 

Internships are a wonderful way of gaining experience or learning a new skill of a specific field. They allow you to explore your career opportunities on a temporary basis. The good thing about internships being temporary is that you will not feel like you are “stuck” in a job. Also, you can receive course credit or perhaps a stipend from your internship. Most schools will give you units in exchange for the work that you do. Internships are also great because you will not have to take a class. There are so many advantages to interning.

Overall, five great things about internships are listed below.

1. Internships allow you to try out different career options before making a life-long commitment. If you are still unsure about what path you want to take after college, doing various internships allows you to discover what work environment you feel more comfortable in. For example, you might discover whether or not you like to work alone or in a team setting.

2. You can learn new and useful skills while gaining experience in the real world. For example, you might discover that you are a very good writer, but you need to work on improving your computer skills. Because internships provide you with the opportunity of performing a certain task that you might have never done before, you are guaranteed to gain the knowledge of a new skill.
3. Through the skills and experience you gain from an internship, you can reveal to potential and future employers your interest in the field of your career choice. For example, you can include in your personal statement what you gained from your internship and how it applies to your career choice.

4. You create many networking relationships with employers and other useful resources. By making contacts and keeping in touch with the people you meet during your internship, you will have people to use as a reference or mentor. They can assist you in writing a letter of recommendation for future employers or schools. Networking will help you build connections which can assist you in finding a job in the future as well.

5. Lastly, interning allows you to prove yourself to your boss on a trial basis.


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