5 Easy Interview Questions

When approaching those few and final steps to the possible pathway of a new job and career, it is excruciatingly important that you as a interviewee is ready for whatever questions, concerns, and tasks that may be given before you. 

Therefore, it should be your main priority to be ready and prepared for whatever your interviewer may throw your way. As questions start to arise from the interview, you must expect some generic yet important questions.

1) Tell me about your current role.

A question regarding about your present position and status should be answered in a way in which you as the interviewee seem engaged and charismatic about your work. Jobs prior to the one you are interviewing for are important building blocks for future endeavors.

2) What did you learn from your last job/internship/educational experience?

There is always a learning experience, whether or not you as an individual appreciated it, you should bring up an experience that was enlightening or interesting. Experiences as these are the ones that brought you to your current position.

3) Tell me about a time when you encountered difficulty in the workplace and how you resolved it?

Explaining and elaborating upon an incident that requires interpersonal communication and skills is one of the most important aspects of the workplace. Therefore, clarifying how a situation is resolved through your interpersonal communication skills is imperative. Possibly discussing about how your leadership traits or work mind set helped you as an individual overcome and resolve this conflict.

4) Why should we hire you?

The unfortunate and infamous question of why should we hire you. Approaching this question could be scary, but rather maintaining a comfortable yet professional tone and responding in a truthful way will most likely be your best bets. Seeming uptight, or attempting to intentionally flatter could be signs of fabrication.

5) What interests you about the position you’ve applied for?

This is an open ended question that you as the interviewee should engage with passion and initiative. Assuming you truthfully are interested in the position, be enlightening and honest with your question, or perhaps attempting to make it seem as if it is integrated with your personality are excellent places to start.


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