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There is more than 20 years of experience in Resume Writing and Human Resources expertise built into this site. In addition to a wealth of resume writing advice, we also offer sample cover letters, job interview tips, career planning advice. We also provide a wide variety of helpful information related to searching for jobs.
Do you want to earn more money than you are now?
You can make more money. By creating an outstanding professional resume, you will have the ability to search out those better paying jobs. You will have the opportunity to present your credentials in the best possible way to prospective employers.
Are you ready to jump-start your career?
You can have a better job. Take your career to the next level. When your resume speaks to an employer's needs in a language that excites and entices, you will get calls for interviews. Everything you need to write an excellent resume is right here on this site.
Is it time to say "goodbye" to your old job?
You can have a better life. When you realize just what you are capable of and how much employers are going to sit up and take notice, you will have the ability to choose your career path in a way that truly takes you places. Don't waste a single moment.

If you are:
  • writing your resume for the first time
  • dusting off an older version
  • need some extra motivation
  • don't want to pay a fortune on a commercial writing service
  • want to maintain an edge over your competition
  • prefer a step-by-step process rather than trying to fit your information into someone else's personal style
  • want to learn the secrets of writing a truly professional resume
then this site has EVERYTHING you need.

There is no time like the present.

Did you know that most employers don't read resumes? They scan them. They don't scan them for 5 minutes, 2 minutes or even 1 minute.

Employers scan these documents for about 30 seconds. That doesn't give you very much time to make an impression, does it?

Your resume has to truly stand out if you are going to get noticed. There are so many competitors in today's marketplace. How do you make your resume stand out? You MUST make every word count. Fortunately, you are writing about a subject you know very well YOU! If you're willing to spend some time writing down a few dates, some notes and reflect on your positive traits, it will happen rather easily. The resume-writing process is not difficult.

You need a professional resume!

Each step of the way, the material on this site will show you how to accomplish the professional resume-writing process - and much more.

If you want your resume to be read from top to bottom, it is going to have to look fantastic. Make a commitment to do it well and you will save a lot of time down the road. Once you master the resume-writing process, it will be so much easier if, or more accurately, when you have to update it.

Take the time to do it right.

Each of the buttons (on the navigation bar) to the left of this page will direct you to different areas: create a professional resume, cover letter basics, essentials of the job search, career planning guidance and more. I would urge you to review each one of them as they provide such a wealth of information. If you are familiar with some aspects of the process, then you might want to skip around, but remember, there is valuable information in each area. Don't rule anything out just because the title on the button doesn't spark your interest.
There is more information on this site than you will ever need, but since your needs differ from your next door neighbor's needs, it is important to attempt to cover as many situations as possible. People have vastly different backgrounds and as a result have vastly different needs. No two people are alike and no two resumes are alike. Certainly no two jobs are alike.
Explore each area and read as much as you can. There is no charge for the information on this site, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You have the ability to achieve great things. Don't let anyone tell you differently. You are a one-of-a-kind. You have talents and skills that are unique to you.

Look at yourself very closely. Take inventory. What do you see? What can you envision yourself doing in the future? What do you WANT to do? You can make it happen if you are willing to put forth the effort. You already have what it takes. The fact that you're here on this website is proof of that. Make what you read here count. Use it. Create your future. If you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Get started on your professional resume now!

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You Can Create Your Own Professional Resume

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